FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: World Premier Of DOWN HERE At The 2013 Whistler Film Festival

Last Train Pictures Announces World Premier Of DOWN HERE At The 2013 Whistler Film Festival


Vancouver, BC (November 4, 2013 – Last Train Pictures is pleased to announce the world premiere of their feature film, DOWN HERE at the 2013 Whistler Film Festival. Audiences can look forward to the public screening on December 7th at 6:30pm, at Millennium Place on 4335 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, BC.

Blending elements of a crime thriller and a contemporary social drama, DOWN HERE is an 89 minute feature film set in Vancouver's downtown Eastside. Starring Dean Wray (Convict Cowboy, 88 Minutes, Reindeer Games) as Detective Roy Harris and Tantoo Cardinal (Dances with Wolves, Black Robe, Legends of the Fall) as Stella Mitchell, DOWN HERE follows the troubled life of Detective Roy Harris, an alcoholic detective fighting to find a murderer in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. As Roy struggles to catch the killer targeting young prostitutes, he can't escape the haunting, family demons of his past and falls prey to addiction himself. An unexpected encounter with Stella Mitchell brings with it a shot at redemption, but will he embrace sobriety in time? Supporting cast boasts Martin Cummins (Devour, Stargate SG-1, We all Fall Down) as Det. Tim Brown, Teach Grant (Down River, Almost Human, The Tall Man) as transvestite prostitute Yvnonne and Michael Rogers (Over the Black Rainbow, Continuum, Fringe) as Dr. Miller.

DOWN HERE was executive produced by Shawna Wray and Dean Wray, directed by Teach Grant and produced by Teach Grant and Crystal Braunwarth. The film was written by Dean Wray and Teach Grant. The sound design was created by Primetime Emmy nominee and six time Leo winner Kirby Jinnah and DP'd by talented newcomer, Adam Myhill.

“For me, the bottom line for filmmaking is you have to be on the same page. People can bring their own creativity to a project, and that's good, but what worked in our team, was that everyone was on the same page with where our characters were going, how they were getting there, and the overall tone of the film. This was an essential piece to making this work, and of course, securing the funding. I brought Shawna on board and she completely took the reigns of the funding. She was paramount to getting this movie made. We were a self-sustaining, self-contained unit that functioned exceptionally well because of her belief in the film and the people involved,” said executive producer, star and co-writer, Dean Wray.

DOWN HERE was produced by Last Train Pictures, ReckaReckaFilms and Naked i Productions. Tickets available for the December 7th screening through

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